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April is Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, and it’s important to recognize the impact of stress on our mental and physical health, especially for healthcare professionals. The job demand, time pressure, family responsibilities, and work schedules can cause stress, burnout, and depression. However, there are ways to help relieve stress and promote mental wellness.

Blue And Cream Illustration Easy Ways to Get Through Tiredness Infographic

What can be done to help relieve stress? 

  • Try and Get Plenty of Sleep: We know it can be hard with an ever-changing work schedule, but make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time. Turn your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ if you have to. 
  • Exercise and Stretch: Finding time to go for a run, or spend time at the gym can be difficult, but spending an hour or two a week at the gym can help release endorphins and boost serotonin levels which can help improve your mood, appetite, and your sleep cycle. 
  •  Pursue a Hobby: Find something that gives you joy. Crafting, hiking, gardening, anything that gives you something to look forward to after work, or gives you an outlet to relieve some stress. 
  • Talk to Someone: A professional, family, or friend. Anyone that your trust to share your thoughts or feelings and experiences with. Working in healthcare can be a demanding and high-stress job, and sharing your emotions can be helpful to work through what you may see on a daily basis. 
  • Self-Care: Spend time doing a self-care routine, whether it is a skincare routine, listening to music, yoga, reading a book, or spending time journaling. Something for yourself that makes you feel better! 

Having a flexible work schedule can help reduce stress levels. With FleetNurse, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to choose when and where they want to work, which can lead to a better work-life balance. With short-term and travel contracts available, nurses can have more control over their schedules and enjoy premium wages.

In conclusion, it’s important to recognize the impact of stress on healthcare professionals and take steps to reduce it. Whether it's getting enough sleep, exercising, pursuing a hobby, talking to someone, or engaging in self-care, there are plenty of ways to promote mental wellness. By choosing a flexible work schedule with FleetNurse, healthcare professionals can achieve a better work-life balance and reduce their stress levels. So download the app today and start your journey toward a more balanced and fulfilling work-life!