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Challenges of PRN Nursing: FleetNurse's Solutions and Support

With FleetNurse's advanced technology, clinicians are able to pick when and where they work. This allows clinicians the opportunity to explore new places, gain experience, and make a difference in various communities. However, clinicians who regularly work PRN opportunities can often run into unique challenges. FleetNurse offers solutions and support to navigate these challenges successfully. 

  • Adapting to Different Healthcare Systems:
    • Each healthcare facility operates differently, and clinicians often have to adjust to new protocols and challenges, which can be overwhelming. FleetNurse addresses these challenges by offering an orientation to some of its major facilities, so clinicians can be familiar with the facility-specific procedure, technologies, and documentation systems. This helps ensure there is a seamless transition into a new environment, allowing better patient care.
  • Building Connections:
    • FleetNurse wants to continue to build a strong sense of community within the FleetFam, this is why FleetNurse continues to hold events across the country for our FleetNurses so they can get to know each other, as well as connect with each other on social media. Coming soon, FleetNurse users will be able to connect through the ‘Break Room’ on our new up-to-date FleetNurse App. This support system helps nurses build relationships, share experiences, and seek guidance from like-minded individuals.
  • Managing a Work-Life Balance:
    • Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for PRN clinicians. FleetNurse recognizes the importance of having a flexible schedule and maintaining overall happiness. This balance contributes to overall job satisfaction and prevents burnout, enabling clinicians to deliver the best possible care to their patients.
  • 24/7 Support:
    • Often with mobile nursing options, you may run into some tech issues or have a problem with scheduling. You may need help fast and FleetNurse understands the importance of a timely response, giving clinicians access to 24/7 support. FleetNurse's 24/7 support is available to address any issues or concerns clinicians may encounter during their assignments. Whether it's regarding scheduling conflicts, pay, or other logistical matters, clinicians can rely on FleetNurse's support team to promptly resolve these issues, allowing them to focus on their primary responsibility of delivering high-quality patient care.

While PRN nursing does present unique challenges, FleetNurse stands out as the number one mobile nursing app, offering tailored solutions and unwavering support for clinicians navigating the flexible landscape. By addressing these challenges, FleetNurse ensures that its clinicians thrive both personally and professionally in their rewarding careers.


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