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Four Things You Should Want in a Staffing Partner: Thoughts From A CNO

When it comes to choosing a staffing partner for your healthcare needs, making the right decision is crucial for the success and efficiency of your operations. As Kevin Harris, Chief Nursing Officer for FleetNurse discusses, whether you're a healthcare facility manager, or a nurse seeking new opportunities, there are a few key factors to consider when comparing staffing partners.


1 - Specialization in Healthcare and Services:

When evaluating staffing partners, prioritize those that specialize in healthcare services. FleetNurse stands out by focusing on the unique demands of the healthcare industry, ensuring they understand the specific needs and challenges faced by healthcare professionals operating in a mobile setting. This specialization can lead to more tailored solutions and better support for your staffing requirements for your internal and external workforce.  It is important to not only meet current workforce demands but are also adaptable to the evolving landscape of healthcare services.


2 - Comprehensive Screening and Credentialing Process:


A reliable staffing partner should have a rigorous screening and credentialing process to ensure the competence and qualifications of the healthcare professionals they provide. FleetNurse prides itself on its thorough vetting processes, including background checks, licensure verification, and skills assessments by being Joint Commission Certified.  Our technology also allows you access to these documents immediately.  By choosing partners with stringent screening procedures, you can trust that the healthcare staff they supply meets the highest standards and meets compliance.  This ensures that your workforce is not only skilled but also compliant with industry standards and regulations. 


3 - Flexibility and Timeliness:

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, flexibility and timeliness are crucial. Evaluate staffing partners based on their ability to adapt to your changing needs and provide timely solutions. FleetNurse excels in offering flexible staffing options to accommodate fluctuating demand, ensuring you have the right personnel when and where you need them, even on short notice, less than 24hrs time of need.

With FleetNurse, if there is a sudden increase in patient volume or a high number of staff absences, hospitals can quickly find additional nurses through FleetNurse to ensure that patient care is not compromised 24/7. 

Cascade FN, one of FleetNurse’s products, uses smart technology and provides real-time data and analytics to optimize staffing patterns and make adjustments, Cascade FN helps hospitals increase efficiency, reduce the need for overtime and agency staff, and increase the use of internal staff, ultimately reducing labor costs. 

One of the challenges healthcare leaders often face is reacting to unforeseen staffing issues. Cascade FN addresses this by reducing the constant reactive state that can hinder effective management. By predicting challenges in advance, leaders can proactively implement solutions, resulting in a more stable and resilient healthcare workforce.


4 - Technology and Communication Tools:

Modern staffing agencies leverage technology to streamline communication and enhance efficiency. FleetNurse and Cascade FN embrace cutting-edge tools to facilitate seamless communication between healthcare facilities and their staff. Look for agencies that offer user-friendly platforms, mobile apps, and other technological solutions that simplify the staffing process and improve overall communication.

FleetNurse offers an easy-to-use platform for facilities to post and cancel shifts, as well as a user-friendly app for clinicians to pick up shifts. FleetNurse recognizes the importance of having a flexible schedule and maintaining overall happiness. This balance contributes to overall job satisfaction and prevents burnout, enabling clinicians to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Cascade FN represents a transformative leap in healthcare management, providing a fully automated system enhanced by machine learning. By optimizing time, offering predictive analytics, facilitating strategic decision-making, adapting to change, and reducing reactive states, Cascade FN is at the forefront of revolutionizing how healthcare facilities approach workforce management. This innovative solution ensures that leaders can allocate their time and resources where they matter most – delivering exceptional care to patients and supporting their dedicated staff.

In the competitive landscape of healthcare staffing, choosing the right staffing partner is pivotal. FleetNurse and Cascade FN shine as leaders in healthcare, offering specialized solutions, rigorous screening processes, flexibility, advanced technology, and a track record of success. These are just a few factors you will wish you had as a staffing manager. 

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