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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Blue White Clean & Corporate Suicide Awareness Statistics & facts Instagram Post (1)September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day. The World Health Organization reports that one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds.

A study conducted from 2007-2018 found that more than 159,000 suicides were reported during that time frame, nearly 2,400 were nurses. About 80% of them were women. 

According to the National Academy of Medicine, there are a few suicide risk factors for nurses:

  • Depression
  • Long shifts
  • Workplace stress
  • Personal life stress 

Luckily there are resources for nurses, institutions, and hospitals as nurse burnout, depression and anxiety continue. UC San Diego has implemented a program called HEAR, Healer Education and Assessment and Referral Program, giving healthcare professionals the resources and support they need. 

The American Nursing Association also created the Well-Being Initiative, which gives nurses a place to access resources to find care for themselves during these challenging times. 

The Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is also available 24/7. You can now call or text 988 to get help or visit

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