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The Benefits of Using PRN Staffing During Cold and Flu Season

Discover the advantages of utilizing FleetNurse, a reliable solution for hospitals during the challenging cold and flu season.

Reduced Staff Absenteeism

One of the benefits of using on-demand PRN staffing, such as a customized FleetNurse pool, during the cold and flu season is reduced staffing gaps. As the season brings an increase in sickness among healthcare workers, hospitals often struggle to maintain adequate staffing levels. However, by leveraging FleetNurse, hospitals can have access to a pool of qualified nurses who can fill in the gaps when regular staff members are unable to work due to illness. This helps to ensure that patient care is not compromised and that the hospital can continue to operate smoothly.

Additionally, FleetNurse provides hospitals with the ability to quickly and efficiently find replacement nurses. The platform allows hospitals to easily connect with available nurses who are qualified and ready to step in when needed. This eliminates the need for hospitals to spend valuable time and resources searching for temporary staff on their own, saving both time and money.

Improved Patient Care

During the cold and flu season, hospitals may experience an influx of patients seeking treatment for respiratory illnesses. This increased patient load can put a strain on existing staff members and potentially impact the quality of care provided. However, by utilizing FleetNurse, hospitals can ensure that they have an adequate number of nurses available to handle the increased patient volume.

Cost-Effective Solution

Instead of hiring full-time temporary staff or relying on expensive staffing agencies, hospitals can leverage FleetNurse's platform to find qualified nurses on an as-needed basis. 

With FleetNurse, you only pay for the hours worked by our clinicians, allowing you to save on overhead costs associated with hiring and training new staff members. This cost-effective approach ensures that facilities can maintain optimal staffing levels without breaking the budget.

This also helps hospitals avoid the costs associated with staff shortages, such as overtime pay for existing employees or potential penalties for failing to meet patient care standards. By providing a reliable pool of replacement nurses, FleetNurse helps hospitals minimize the financial impact of the cold and flu season.

Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability

FleetNurse offers enhanced flexibility and scalability for hospitals during the cold and flu season. The platform allows hospitals to easily scale their staffing levels up or down based on patient demand and the availability of regular staff members.

If there is a sudden increase in patient volume or a high number of staff absences, hospitals can quickly find additional nurses through FleetNurse to ensure that patient care is not compromised 24/7. On the other hand, if patient demand decreases or regular staff members return to work, hospitals can easily adjust their staffing levels accordingly.

FleetNurse's flexible and scalable solution provides hospitals with peace of mind, knowing that they can adapt to changing circumstances without any disruption to patient care.

FleetNurse offers numerous benefits for hospitals during the cold and flu season. From reducing staff absenteeism to improving patient care, increasing efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution, and offering enhanced flexibility and scalability, FleetNurse is a reliable and valuable resource for hospitals navigating the challenges of this demanding season.


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