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FleetNurse Heading to Becker’s Healthcare 11th Annual CEO and CFO Roundtable

FleetNurse is excited to announce its participation in the 11th Annual CEO and CFO Roundtable in Chicago, taking place from November 13th to 16th. This event provides the opportunity for FleetNurse to engage with top healthcare professionals and discuss pressing issues within the industry.

The four-day event will feature 425 speakers representing hospitals and health systems. Discussions include key topics such as finance, strategy, leadership, and behavioral health. FleetNurse will contribute to these conversations by showcasing the capabilities of its innovative technology, which is designed to streamline staffing processes, alleviate administrative burdens, and empower healthcare providers to prioritize high-quality care.

Our cutting-edge solution, Cascade FN, revolutionizes the management of open shifts by prioritizing the use of internal float pools. This strategic approach helps minimize the reliance on external labor and reduces overtime costs. With Cascade FN, the manual effort required to fill open shifts is eliminated. Any remaining vacancies are seamlessly directed to your customized FleetNurse pool when needed, ensuring optimal staffing levels.

The FleetNurse platform facilitates connections between healthcare organizations and a vast network of qualified nurses, establishing a mutually beneficial solution for both facilities and nursing professionals. We look forward to the opportunity to share the advantages of Cascade FN and demonstrate how FleetNurse is driving positive change in healthcare staffing processes.

We hope to see you in Chicago so we can show you how Cascade FN can help you utilize your staffing needs.

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About Cascade FN

Optimize your float pool and staff on the unit without burning them out! Cascade FN will help you better utilize your float pool and other nursing staff, getting them access to the shifts that they want and saving your nurse managers time in scheduling them. We want to help you balance your reliance on your staff with the right use of FleetNurse per diem staff when you have hard-to-fill shifts and your internal team is maxed out. Cascade FN is an open shift layer on top of your base scheduling tool that makes identifying, offering, and scheduling open shifts easy and automated using algorithms and AI technology. 

Using innovation and technology, FleetNurse has become a trusted labor partner that helps health systems streamline the process of getting open shifts filled by the right person at the right time. Learn more at