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Flexibility: How FleetNurse Can Help You

Healthcare workers often have little to no control over their day-to-day work life. When they arrive at work they are unsure what that day will look like. This often creates a challenge to maintain a work-life balance, with demanding schedules and unchangeable shifts, and other stressors healthcare workers have been leaving the profession. Since 2020, one in five healthcare workers have quit their jobs, and other surveys suggest that up to 47% of healthcare workers plan to leave their positions by 2025.

So how can nurses, CNAs, and other healthcare professionals keep their jobs and maintain a flexible schedule? FleetNurse encourages healthcare workers to create a schedule that works with their lifestyles and preferences.

  • Choose When You Want to Work:
      • With FleetNurse you only pick the shifts that you want to work. There are no minimum shift requirements. So you can pick up as few to as many shifts as you want. 
  • Work Where You Want:
      • Choose from dozens of facilities in your area. FleetNurse works with acute and post-acute facilities so you can choose how close or how far you are willing to travel to pick up a shift. With a diverse range of healthcare facilities clinicians have the opportunity to expand their skill set and adapt to various patient populations and care settings.
  • High-Paying Jobs:
      • Before you accept the shift you have the chance to see what the hourly wage is for it. On average, the hourly wages are 1.5 to 2 X higher than the average hourly rate of your position in your city. It’s dependent on how soon the requesting facility needs the shift filled. Meaning wages will be higher at a 2-hour notice vs 48 hours notice. FleetNurse shifts allow clinicians to have greater control over their income. Providing them with financial stability and flexibility. 
  • Community and Support:
    • Have you heard of FleetNurse's 24/7 scheduling line? They are available 24/7, 365 days a week. Whatever question you may have, someone is there to help you! Once you are approved you get access to the scheduling line where our team is ready to help you! 

FleetNurse has given clinicians the ability to choose shifts, work in diverse settings, and customize availability empowering them to achieve a better work-life balance, leading to increased job satisfaction and improved patient care. With FleetNurse, clinicians can truly embrace flexibility and design a career that suits their lifestyle and personal preferences.