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Join FleetNurse in Anaheim for AONL Conference

FleetNurse is heading to Anaheim, California from May 1st through the 4th for the 2023 American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) Conference. 

Looking for ways to make staffing more efficient? Come visit us at booth #832 to learn how FleetNurse can help manage your workforce efficiently to deliver the best patient care. Our new solution, Cascade FN, prioritizes the use of your internal float pool first to fill open shifts and reduces the cost of external labor and overtime.

With Cascade FN, eliminate the manual labor it takes to fill open shifts. No internal staff available? Any remaining open shifts will automatically be sent to your customized FleetNurse pool when needed. At AONL 2023, we're excited to connect with healthcare organizations and show them how both FleetNurse and Cascade FN can help streamline the staffing process and reduce costs. If you're attending AONL 2023, be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about our solution and how it can benefit your organization.

At AONL, not only can you come to learn from FleetNurse at this four-day event, but you can also hear from many speakers who will be addressing topics such as the mental well-being of leaders and staff, leadership in challenging times, and innovative care delivery models.

We hope to see you there! 

About Cascade FN

Optimize Your Float Pool & Staff on the Unit without Burning Them Out! Cascade FN will help you better utilize your float pool and other nursing staff, getting them access to the shifts that they want and saving your nurse managers time in scheduling them. We want to help you balance your reliance on your staff with the right use of FleetNurse per diem staff when you have hard-to-fill shifts and your internal team is maxed out. Cascade FN is an open shift layer on top of your base scheduling tool that makes identifying, offering, and scheduling open shifts easy and automated using algorithms and AI technology. 

Using innovation and technology, FleetNurse has become a trusted labor partner that helps health systems streamline the process of getting open shifts filled by the right person at the right time. Learn more at